US president fears surprising rise in Corona casualties

While Corona virus cases have crossed 12 million worldwide, the highest number of cases in the world have come to the United States, where the US president has warned the public that the country is entering the most difficult week.

At the beginning of his daily briefing on the outbreak, he said, “There will be casualties, unfortunately there will be too many deaths”.

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“Our country was not that it could ever be closed, but the treatment could not be worse than the problem,” he said.

It is thought that the number of Corona virus cases in the US has exceeded 3,000, while the casualties have risen to 8,400, of which more than 3,500 occurred in the United States alone in New York, which is the center of the virus in the United States.

European countries hope to be at the peak of the crisis
Italy and Spain, the countries most affected by the Corona virus, have expressed hope that the crisis will be at their peak in their countries.

Italian authorities said the infections are at their peak but not decreasing, which is still far from ending the emergency.

The rate of new infections has dropped in Italy where 4,805 cases were reported on Saturday, followed by the total number of 24,632 in the country, and the highest number of deaths in the world is 15,362.

In Spain, where there are a number of similar infections, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said his nation had ‘seen the light in the other part of the tunnel’.

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Addressing the nation on TV, he said that if the current trend continues, experts believe that the outbreak in Spain will decrease.

Global concern for Corona virus at record level, IMF
The worldwide spread of the Corona virus spreading uncertainty over fear of illnesses and loss of income is increasing worldwide.

New measures taken on the uncertainty of pandemic diseases and other diseases suggest that the Corona virus has increased the uncertainty of uncertainty and is far higher than the outbreaks that preceded it. ۔

Covd 19 is a test of human emotion, Antonio Guterres
UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutres has said that Covd 19 is not only a threat to the global health system but also a test of human emotion.

In a Twitter message, he said that Sunday is a global day of conscience, let’s focus on shared humanity to save lives, help those in need and build a better future for all.

Chinese government donates one thousand ventilators to New York
The New York governor says the Chinese government is assisting in the shipment of 1,000 ventilators donated to his state.

He acknowledged that the US government would have a shortage of medical goods.

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Cases rise in Portugal, 5 million people fear unemployment
The number of confirmed cases of Corona virus in Portugal has exceeded 10,000, while official data says that 5 million people may be temporarily unemployed due to the outbreak.

According to a Reuters report, Health Minister Marta Tamido said that the fight was not a 100-meter race but a long marathon.

He appealed to the citizens to participate in the fight, saying that ‘there is still no light on the other side of the tunnel’.

Brazil approves ‘war budget’
With the number of cases in Brazil exceeding 10,000, the Congressional House has approved a ‘war budget’ to separate Corona virus spending from the government budget and protect the economy.

The budget is yet to be approved by the Senate, which is due next week.

The virus spreads slowly in Australia, calls for surveillance
Many health authorities in Australia say they are optimistic about the slow spread of the Corona virus in the country, but have warned that the social distance ban will continue for months.

According to a Reuters report, New South Wales (NSW) director of health protection Jeremy McIntyre said the number of new cases has increased with hope.

“We want to be optimistic,” he said.

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It should be noted that last year, 123,999 cases of viral outbreaks from China have been reported worldwide, including 64,774 deaths.

While there have been so many deaths from the virus, the Corona virus has so far cured 2 million 46,893 people worldwide.

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