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US businessman hires $ 2 million house to escape the Corona virus

New York: Wealth man is moving to a temporary shelter away from humans after the New York City killed more people due to the virus. A businessman has rented a safe house away from New York, which is valued at US $ 3 million, or 30 million Pakistani rupees.

New York’s textile-related billionaire has rented a magnificent home on Long Island, a two-hour drive from New York, where rich people come for vacation. Although the area is not protected from the Corona virus epidemic, there is a wide lawn where they can hide, and the town is named Bridge Hampton, where they will live in a large house until September this year.

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The reason for this is that families in Manhattan are feeling overwhelmed , and they want to get out of the city where death is fast approaching. The new house has 10 rooms, 15 bathrooms as well as a very spacious lawn and swimming pool.

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In addition, there is a tennis court, library, hot bath, bowling room, nightclub, 10-seat movie theater, and 11 acres of land on the sides. People like JJ and Justin Bieber are here too.

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It should be noted that the number of Corona virus infected people in New York is more than 40,000 and so far more than 10,000 people have died. New York accounts for five percent of all Code 19 deaths worldwide.

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