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Unique table lamps that light up a small children’s room

Tokyo: Somewhere in life, we are afraid of the dark, and if children do not sleep in the bright light, they are terrified of the complete darkness. Under the same conditions, the Japanese company has made very small toy-like lamps that make the atmosphere pleasant with the light and also protect the room from the darkness.

We ourselves must feel fear somewhere in life. Children grow up with the same fear. As children try to get to know the world around them, they gradually imagine the creatures they see, some of which can be terrifying to them. In the same way, they can be caught up in the thoughts of jinn, ghosts, and demons. This condition is called nectophobia in adults.

In the United States alone, 11% of adults are afraid of the dark and for them, complete darkness becomes very disturbing. With this in mind, these night lamps have been developed that look like tiny animals. These include chickens, birds, rabbits and other animals.

Inside each light is a special LED that removes the darkness on the one hand, but not so much that it disturbs your sleep. You can also take this light with you, set a timer in it and at the same time increase or decrease the light.

These lamps in the form of dogs, cats, ducks and other animals are selling for 25 25 on the popular e-commerce website Rakyutin in Japan.

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