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Unique project for youth who in home due to Corona virus

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Provincial governments in Pakistan have had difficulties restricting people, especially young people, to homes, but in Poland they have decided to use a weapon that will prevent citizens from leaving.

And that weapon is online games.

Meshable reports that the Polish government has introduced a website that includes a variety of online activities for citizens, especially young people, to prevent them from leaving home.

But these online activities are not based on third-party links; rather, the Polish Ministry of Digitalization has set up special tournaments, access to servers and other interactive games for youth to process quarantine orders.

Poland is also promoting the popular game Minecraft, and has also set up its own Minecraft server to encourage community-based gaming.

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A competition will be hosted on this server so that young people can create a variety of great architectures.

The player will also be provided with a virtual plot and construction material and the competition has begun on Sunday.

A variety of other events are also being planned with the campaign, including game development, dozens of puzzles, Polish history quizzes and more.

Schools in Poland have been announced until March 25, and the government is taking steps to keep young people engaged during the outbreak.

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So far 425 corona virus cases have been confirmed in Poland.

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