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Unique lockdown to deal with Panama’s Corona virus

Although the Central American country of Panama has implemented a lockdown to deal with the Corona virus, Panama’s lockdown is quite different from that of other countries in the world.

Panama also faces increasing cases in the country, and by the morning of April 2, Corona’s patients had increased to more than 1,300, while the death toll had risen to 32.

The government imposed partial lockdowns and exit restrictions only after the middle of March to prevent Corona’s spread, but the government shut down a unique lockdown from April 1 after public instructions were not followed. Enforced.

According to US broadcaster CNN, Panama’s government has banned the exit of men and women from the country from April 1, allocating separate days for people of both sexes.

Panama’s government has allowed women on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while men, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday get out of the house and bring necessities, but at the same time, people of both sexes are banned from leaving the house on Sunday. Will be.

According to the Panama government, men and women will not be allowed to leave the house on Sunday while people of both sexes will not be able to get out of the house together on other days.

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While the government has allowed men and women to leave the house on separate days to avoid Corona, the government has also restricted people from outside their home and allowed people of both sexes to stay for only 2 hours. Exit is allowed.

Authorities have made it clear to the public that they should buy everything back in just 2 hours and stay at home the rest of the time.

It is not clear whether the government has directed the men and women to stay separate in their homes, but the government has strict guidelines to keep all people apart.

It should be noted that Panama is also the least populous country in the region, with a population of over 4 million, the islands are bordered by Costa Rica and Colombia and the country is a tourist and offshore companies. Is unique.

According to information released by Panama Lex, the world’s largest scandal, Panama Lex was also associated with the same country, according to information released by Panama Lex. Give rich people the money they need to protect themselves from taxation.

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Documents containing 2.6 terabytes were leaked from Mosaic Fansica’s private database, which was investigated in collaboration with a German newspaper by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Dozens of journalists from around the world participated in the Panama Leaks investigation and the scandal revealed the names of about 500 Pakistanis.

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Mosaic Fansika was shut down in 2018 after a sporadic Panama scandal broke out in the world.

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