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Unique desktop computer for those who like tik tok videos

Leading company Lenovo has introduced its new computers and laptops for 2021. They will be formally introduced in the scheduled CES technology in Las Vegas, but details have yet to be released.

The most notable of these is the new all-in-one desktop computer from Lenovo’s Yoga series, which has been developed keeping in mind the tick-tock-loving generation.

This computer automatically converts its wide screen into a portrait mode, or so to speak, the shape of a phone.

The Yoga AIO 7 Computer 27 comes with their landscape monitor but the screen can take a vertical shape in minutes.

It seems to be inspired by last year’s Samsung TV series, which can better view tick-tock videos, long documents or Twitter feeds.

It has a 27-inch monitor with 4K panels, while AMD’s Resin 7 4800E or Resin 5 4500 CPU will be with it.

فوٹو بشکریہ لیناوو

Other notable features include the Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU, 16 to 32 GB RAM, PCIE and HDD storage options (up to 1 TB SSD and 2 TB hard drive).

The computer is already available in China, but will go on sale globally in February for 99 1,599 (over 256,000 Pakistani rupees).

IdeaPad 5 Pro

Photo courtesy of Lenovo
Photo courtesy of Lenovo

According to Lenovo, this new laptop is more powerful than all the iPad series laptops.

It features H-Series AMD Resin Mobile Processor and Next Generation Nvidia G Force RTX GPU.

Users will be able to get it with 32 GB RAM and one TB storage options.

The laptop has a screen-to-body ratio of 90% and a display refresh rate of 90Hz.

According to the company, it has a large trackpad while the first keyboard is being provided with soft landing switches.

The laptop will be available in May for 11 1,150 (over PKR 184,000).

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