UK Prime minister also victim of corona virus

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also fell victim of corona, It was already feared that Boris Johnson and his girlfriend were also likely to be affected by Corona, as the British Deputy Minister of Health had also fallen victim to Corona on March 11 this month, and had called on several time to meeting with Prime Ministers.

In a March 11 tweet, 62-year-old British Deputy Minister of Health Nedan Doris confirmed that she too had fallen prey to Corona and is now surrendering herself to Quarantina.

Following the fall of Corona, the British Minister of Health, it was believed that the prime minister and his pregnant girlfriend, 32-year-old Kerry Symonds, also feared Corona, as the two met with the Deputy Minister of Health.

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Many people who met him after the victim was deported to Corona, Deputy Health Minister, were tested and included Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Unfortunately, Boris Johnson’s test came out positive and he fell victim to the outbreak.

British Deputy Minister of Health Naden Doris also suffers from Corona - Photo: Shutterstock

British Deputy Minister of Health Naden Doris also suffers from Corona – Photo: Shutterstock
Boris Johnson is the world’s first Prime Minister and ruler to be the victim of the Corona virus, but Corona has already been diagnosed with numerous politicians and key government officials.

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With Boris Johnson suffering from Corona, it is now being feared that all government officials, including his girlfriend, may meet the prime minister.

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