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Twitter founder announces spending 28% of its money on Corona prevention measures

The head of Twitter, the founder of the world’s largest micro-blogging website Twitter and the founder of Paint App Square, has said he will spend 28 percent of his money on measures taken to prevent the Corona virus.

Dick Jersey announced in a series of tweets that he would donate more than $ 1 billion to the Corona virus-prevention measures, plus a billion dollars to Pakistanis.

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The money announced by Dick Jersey is the highest amount ever announced by anyone in the world to deal with the Corona virus, as well as the amount announced by him, more than the sum total of several big personalities. Is.

Dick Jersey is also one of the richest people in the world and has set up an organization called Start Small for his welfare work, in which other people raise money for relief work.

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Dick Jersey announced a $ 1 billion donation to his own philanthropic organization, after which his donation to the charity’s organization increased.

Although Dick Jersey announced spending money to deal with the Corona virus and treating those affected, it was unclear how they would spend the aforementioned money.

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According to the news agency FFP, the hedge money announced by Dick Jersey accounts for 28% of their total wealth, but it is premature to say when and where the richest man in the technology world is announced. Will be spent

It is thought that a large part of the money announced by Dixie Jersey will be spent in various countries around the world to cover shortages of other medical devices, including ventilators, and the aid announced by them is the richest country like the United States. I will also be spending.

Experts say the huge amount announced by Dick Jersey is likely to be spent in African and Asian countries, as well as aid from Middle East countries to prevent Corona.

Although the record was announced by Dix Jersey and the largest donor to anyone personally so far, he is not the first person to announce money to protect Corona.

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Prior to Dake Jersey, the founder of Facebook, the owner of the online company Amazon, and the world’s richest man, Apple has also announced huge sums of money to deal with the Corona virus, but their announcement comes from Dake Jersey. Quite low.

Donations announced by Facebook, Tick Talk, Apple and Amazon

Mark Zuckerberg Announces $ 250 Million Aid - Photo: cnet
In addition, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, the world’s largest social website, have announced $ 250 million in funding for the Corona virus.

Mark Zuckerberg will provide $ 250 million to Bill Gates’s organization, which will provide the amount to the Corona virus-seeking organizations.

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China’s video-sharing application TickTalk has also announced US $ 100 million in funding for the Corona virus.

TuckTalk announces a US $ 100 million grant to the World Health Organization, which will work with the UN to distribute funds to affected countries around the world.

The world’s richest man and owner of the Amazon, Jeff Buzz, has also announced US $ 100 million to help deal with the Corona virus, but all the money he has donated is only to food shortages in areas afflicted by the United States. Will be spent on completion.

Apple, the US-based smartphone and computer maker, has also announced a US $ 100 million grant to help deal with the Corona virus.

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The money announced by Apple will be spent on ensuring the supply of medical devices, including a fee mask, to cover other items.

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