Top 5 Features of New Android 11 Operating System

The first public beta version of Google’s new Android 11 operating system was unveiled this week, giving an indication of what new features will soon be part of smartphones.

This beta version can be installed on Google Pixel 2 or newer Google Pixel phones.

The new Android operating system is usually introduced by Google in the last quarter of the year and is usually the first to be part of the new Pixel phones.

New additions are made to the Android system every year and this time too it will happen.

A C-Net report mentions five key features in the first public beta version, which will be part of smartphones this year.

Quick controls
In this new Android system, pressing the power button for a while will bring up a new Quick Controls screen, which will provide more power control options.

It will also have quick controls for smart home devices, while custom controls can be added or removed by clicking on the menu.

Messaging bubble
This message was originally thought to be part of Android 10, but Google did not introduce it at the last minute last year and now it is coming to Android 11.

This feature will be similar to Facebook Messenger’s chatheads feature, which when activated will show a small bubble screen of anything or any app you’re using.

Clicking on this bubble will open a small window, in which the user will be able to read and send new messages, ie no need to open the app while it will be possible to drag this bubble anywhere on the screen at will, Messenger It can be deleted by taking it to the bottom of the screen like a head chat.

This bubble message is currently in beta version, currently supporting Facebook Messenger, and will likely work with other apps when the operating system is introduced.

To disable bubbles on a chat in the app, there will be a small bubble notification in the bottom right corner, clicking on it will immediately disable the bubbles feature for this thread.

App Suggestions
Now in Android, in the app drawer, there are suggestions of apps that the user thinks he wants to use, which depends on the time of day and other mysterious elements.

But the line of Android 11 app suggestions can be seen on the home screen in the main app dock.

These apps will have a flashing border around them and the apps will change whenever the user uses the phone on the home screen, while holding down a few clicks on any app will allow you to pin it as your suggestion in the home screen.

Similarly, it will be possible to block apps that the user does not want to see in the suggestions.

Better music controls than ever before
Google is introducing a new music controls interface in Android 11 and it is being given on the Quick Settings panel, which is mentioned above.

A new music control option will appear when this interface is used.

Built-in screen recorder
The feature of screen shots for on-screen objects has been around for a long time but sometimes it happens when the recording is much better.

For example, when you want to express your gaming ability or others.

This new feature will also be available in the Quick Settings panel

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