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Tick tock reveals the most important ‘secret’ for the first time

Like many social media platforms, TickTalk has an algorithm that determines how content is displayed on each user’s feed using a variety of tools and elements.

Now, for the first time, TickTalk has explained in a blog post how content is determined on its feeds and how users can prevent videos from becoming part of their feeds that they have no interest in.

Tick ​​tock’s recommendation algorithm works the same as YouTube’s algorithm.

The way a user spends time in the app affects the recommendation, ie following a comment or an account also affects the content.

For example, if a user only follows the accounts of cute animals and clicks on the comments or like button on animal videos, he will come across more similar videos.

It also helps to understand the tick talk algorithm of what kind of videos the user will not be interested in.

But the interaction is the only aspect of it, as well as the details of the video such as captions, sounds, hashtags, device or account settings also affect the feed.

Language preferences, country settings and device typing are also factors that help the company improve app performance.

However, the device and account settings do not play a significant role in the recommendation system, the post added.

Like YouTube, TickTalk is all about engagement minutes, so if a user completes a video, the move is registered as a strong indication of interest.

TickTalk has called this system the best tune and that is why it has become one of the most popular apps in the world.

The blog post added that one of the challenges in this regard was not to limit a user’s experience, often called a filter bubble, which increases the risk of losing the user’s interest. Took this system seriously while improving it.

Similarly, 2 videos with the same sound or one of the same craters are not usually shown continuously in For You feed.

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