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Those who do not comply with Corona SOPs will now be fined, Prime Minister said

KARACHI: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Corona is conducting lockdown in the areas where the epidemic is spreading. Violation of SOPs will result in penalties and fines.

Talking to reporters in Karachi, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that 25 million people are working in Pakistan and if they close the country due to Corona, they will start starving to death. 34% of people in India go into poverty due to lockdown. Cases are on the rise in the US and India but the lockdown has been softened there. People in Pakistan are not taking the corona virus seriously, so they are locking down areas where the corona epidemic is spreading, Corona SOPs said. There will be penalties and fines for violating

The Prime Minister said that unfortunately politics was done with reference to Korona, decisions are taken by consensus in the NCC meeting, every decision is taken by the provinces on board, Murad Ali Shah agrees in the meeting and later Bilawal Bhutto did something else. They were saying from the first day that the lockdown should not be severe. When Sindh locked down, they did not consult me. When Sindh locked down, the rest of the provinces also closed everything.
Imran Khan said that the federation is cooperating fully with the provinces, taking all the provinces together on one thing from lockdown, we never thought in which province our government is and in which not, ask the opposition provinces. Let’s say we did no injustice to anyone in the distribution of goods, NDMA distributed goods equally in all provinces, no difference in any province.

The Prime Minister said that the mayoral system is the most successful system in the world. I have always said that the powers should be transferred to the lower level. Under Musharraf, the powers were transferred to the lower level but in the 18th amendment the provinces lost their governance. Since the provinces did not devolve power to lower levels, many things that were hastily wronged in the 18th Amendment should be rectified. We have established a village council in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and devolved power to the lower level. We are bringing the best local government system in the history of the country in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. The problem will never be solved. We will bring telemetry system for water distribution in the provinces, telemetry system is not allowed to run on purpose, they are investigating who is corrupting the telemetry system.

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