The verbal war between China and the United States over the Corona virus

China has hidden the magnitude of the Corona virus outbreak in its country and has not fully disclosed the total number of cases and deaths.

The claim was made by the US intelligence agencies in a secret report submitted to the White House.

The Bloomberg report made the claim in reference to 3 US officials, who imposed a condition of anonymity and refused to divulge details, but said China had deliberately cut the number of cases and deaths. Less was told.

Two officials said the report said China’s statistics were not accurate, while the report was reviewed last week in the White House.

It is believed that the outbreak of the new Novel Corona virus began to spread from Wuhan, China, late last year, and in total there have been confirmed 82 cases and 338 deaths so far.

In comparison, the number of cases in the United States has reached 2 million cases and 5,000 deaths.

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Denial of China
China, on the other hand, has rejected the US intelligence report that Beijing hid information about the Corona virus outbreak.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying confirmed at a press briefing that China had always taken a ‘clear and transparent’ attitude toward the outbreak.

He said that America should stop politics on health issues and instead focus on protecting its people.

He said that some US officials want to divert people’s attention, of course we do not want to be part of this debate with them, but we think that clarification in this regard must come true and true.

He questioned the pace of the US response when the United States banned the arrival of people from China on February 2, “Can anyone tell me what the US did in those two months?”

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Exchange of statements
On April 1, US President Donald Trump said that China’s data seems low and did not receive intelligence reports.

During a daily briefing at the White House, he said that China’s statistics seem a little ‘in fact, I am saying this in good words’.

He said there is constant contact between the United States and China and that Beijing’s $ 200 billion is being spent on buying American products.

For the past few days, Beijing and Washington have been accusing each other of spreading the virus.

The Chinese embassy in France has said that the virus originated in the United States, after US President Donald Trump called Corona a “Chinese virus”.

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The Chinese Embassy raised the question, “How many coronary artery disease cases were due to the flu that began in the United States in September last year?”

Earlier on Sunday, the US president said he was “slightly upset” with China.

“They should have told us about the virus,” he added.

In mid-March, the Chinese Foreign Ministry made video of a meeting of a US Senate subcommittee claiming that “the US military actually brought the Corona virus to Wuhan, China.”

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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Li Jian Xiao shared a video of the US Senate’s ‘Subcommittee on Infectious and Infectious Diseases’ in a series of tweets, claiming that the video proves the Corona virus was first used in the United States. The report happened. ‘

After a record 884 deaths in the last 24 hours in the new Corona virus center and the most affected country in the world, the death toll has risen to more than 5,000, while 25 people died in a single day. Become

On the other hand, after a steady increase in casualties in the United States, experts have made new estimates and said that if the death rate continued, the death toll in the United States alone could rise to 40,000.

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