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The US company has started making ventilators from car parts

Tesla, a US multipurpose technology and vehicle manufacturing company, announced after the outbreak of the Corona virus that it would manufacture ventilators to cover the shortage of ventilators in the world.

Not only Tesla but other car makers also announced the manufacture of ventilators temporarily, and such companies include the Ford Company of America.

Ford announced last month that it would initially produce one million ventilators on an emergency basis, but after that the company would also produce 30,000 ventilators a month.

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Like Ford, Elon Musk’s company Tesla & Space also announced that it would manufacture ventilators.

The aforementioned company produces a variety of scientific items, including rocket launchers sent in space, but the aforementioned company produces only cars called Tesla, which are also considered to be the world’s most expensive and unique vehicles.

But now the company has started manufacturing ventilators from car parts after shortage of ventilators worldwide and the company has also released video of the process.

The video released on YouTube shows how the company’s expert engineers are developing a unique type of ventilator with the help of Tesla car parts.

The video states that the phase of Tesla’s ventilator preparation is still preliminary and the company will work more on the ventilator model initially.

The prototype ventilator manufacture can be seen in the video that the company’s engineers are engaged in making the car a ventilator by connecting the equipment.

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It is thought that Tesla will produce the ventilator by the end of this month, after which the company-manufactured ventilators will initially be used in US hospitals.

Tesla has already acquired a thousand ventilators through the factory in China to fight the Corona virus and provided it to the US government.

Currently, not only Tesla and Ford but other leading car makers in the world are also temporarily engaged in the manufacture of ventilators, as there is a shortage of ventilators saving lives worldwide.

At present, not only Pakistan but countries like the US, Italy and the UK are experiencing shortages of ventilator shortages and governments there are worried if Corona patients are on the rise. So matters can get worse.

In the US too, there is a severe shortage of ventilators and according to reports, there are only one lakh 60,000 ventilators, and as of April 6, the number of corona virus patients has increased to over 40,000.

There are reports of only two thousand ventilators in Pakistan too - Photo: PPH

To ease the shortage of ventilators, the US governments has directed not only the manufacturers of ventilators, but also the automakers to act in this regard.

Interestingly, large companies providing ventilators to countries around the world are present in the United States, but at present there is no stock of manufactured ventilators.

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Companies providing ventilators around the world have already informed the government of their reluctance and have told the government that they have already taken emergency preparedness orders for thousands of ventilators from several countries, but there are reports that the US government Has directed all companies to meet domestic requirements before providing ventilators to other countries.

What is a ventilator and what does it benefit from?
The ventilator is also commonly referred to as the artificial respiratory machine in the language and is present in the computerized medical device hospital intensive care (ICU) ward.

This device is only used when a patient’s condition becomes extremely uncomfortable and he / she has difficulty breathing.

The ventilator usually only helps the patient to breathe, and through the tubes of this machine, the breathing gas is transported to the affected patient’s lungs easily.

The ventilator machine provides no other assistance, but is considered to be enriching for all patients with respiratory illnesses who have severe breathing difficulties due to any illness.

The ventilator helps the very sick person breathe — Photo: slashgear

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