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The United States has purchased all supplies of effective anti-coronavirus drugs

Work is underway around the world to find a cure for the new novel coronavirus disease Code 19, a drug remediator that has been discovered in various research reports to be effective in treating the virus, followed by the United States and Japan. Emergency use has been approved.

This drug is very expensive anyway but now it is almost impossible for the world to access it because the United States has bought all its supplies for 3 months.

Research reports have found that remedies help coronavirus patients recover faster.

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The drug was developed by an American company, Gilad Sciences, against Ebola, but it has also been shown to be effective against the corona virus.

The United States has purchased more than 500,000 of its courses by September.

The United States will receive 100 percent of Gilad’s proposed production for July, while 90 percent of August and September production will go to the United States.

Following the revelations, the United States has been accused by various quarters of trying to undermine global efforts to fight the corona virus.

“President Trump has reached a strong agreement to ensure that US citizens have access to the first approved drug for Code 19,” said Alex Azer, secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“Everything in the Trump administration’s bus is being done to learn about life-saving drugs from Subcode 19 and to make them accessible to the American people,” he said.

There are generic alternatives to this drug, but patent laws will only allow poor and middle-income countries to develop it on their own.

Gilad Sciences has issued licenses to companies in 127 countries to manufacture the drug, including Pakistan’s Feroz Sons.

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Gilad has priced the drug at 23 2,340 per patient for rich countries.

Needless to say, it is expected to be in high demand as it is currently one of the few effective anti-corona drugs.

In addition, dexamethasone has been shown to be effective against coronavirus in the UK.

When it was discovered in a clinical trial that the drug could speed up the recovery of patients in hospital, it was approved for the treatment of code 19 in the United States and Japan.

The British Minister Nadeem Zhawi said in this regard that the United States is not helping the global effort by buying all the supplies of remedicators, while the United Kingdom is acting responsibly in a way that can help the whole world.

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Peter Horbe, a professor at Oxford University, said Gilad was certainly under certain political pressure as an American company.

The company is currently working on a pill for outpatient use

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