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The real purpose of building the northern part of the Great Wall of China reveal centuries later

It is believed that the Great Wall of China was built to repel the invaders, but now it is claimed that this was not the purpose of the construction, at least in the northern part.

The study, published in the journal Antiquity, found that the 460-mile-long northern wall of China was built to monitor the movement of civilians rather than stop them from invading.

For the first time, researchers have mapped out a complete section of this section, and their discovery challenges previous ideas.

The study said that before that most people thought that the purpose of the wall was to stop Genghis Khan’s phone, but the northern wall, most of which is located in Mongolia, is along the valleys, which are not long and the route Small, which refers to non-military functions.

“We concluded that the purpose was to monitor the movement of people and livestock, possibly for tax purposes,” the researchers said.

He said that during the cold weather in the Middle Ages, people used to turn to the hot regions of the south.

The Great Wall of China spans thousands of kilometers, and construction began in the third century BC and continued for centuries.

Interestingly, the northern part of the Great Wall of China, also known as Genghis Khan’s Wall, was built during the 11th to 13th centuries.

To map the area in detail, scientists used drones, high-resolution satellite imagery and traditional archeological tools, and discovered artifacts that helped determine the date of its construction.

Researchers say that the northern part of the Great Wall of China has been ignored by scientists.

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