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The potential cost of the soon to be available corona vaccine has been revealed

BEIJING: The Corona vaccine, which is being used experimentally on soldiers and medical personnel in China, has cost $ 60 per course, with efforts being made to bring it to market with minimal profit.

According to the World News Agency, the trial of the Corona vaccine, a Chinese-made synovic biotech, is in its final stages in soldiers and medical personnel, with good results. The cost of this vaccine is 29 29.75 per dose while the course will be up to two doses ie $ 60 which is Rs. 9,720.

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The Chinese company has not yet announced a final date for the availability of the vaccine to the general public and no price has been announced, but the company has vowed to bring the vaccine to market as soon as possible with minimal profit. ۔
Meanwhile, Indonesia’s state-owned pharmaceutical company Biopharma has agreed to buy 40 million doses from the Chinese company Synovik, under which the price could be $ 13.60 per dose, or about 27 27 per course, which could be up to 4,374 Pakistani rupees.

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On the other hand, Chinese officials say that the company has the right to make a profit from the vaccine, but the company will be allowed to keep a minimum profit that is closer to the cost.

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