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The people voted for the beloved mayor even after the death

Romania: Villagers have elected their favorite mayor for the third time in local elections ten days after his death.

The incident took place in the village of Davisello in southern Romania, when the people elected a new mayor, Avon Eliemann, for the third time and his tomb was lit after his victory. The former mayor, who was elected by a landslide, is no more in this world because he died in Corona before the local elections.

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News of the mayor’s death spread rapidly throughout the village, where there are only 3,000 homes. Eliman’s 57th birthday was also on election day. On that day, a large number of people reached the polling station and somehow voted for it. He even won with 1057 votes out of 1600 registered votes.

After this victory, the people went to Eliman’s tomb and lit candles to pay tribute to his services. Some shouted at the tomb, “We are proud of you and this is your victory.”

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Avon Alliman of the Social Democratic Party was instrumental in the development of the area and was loved and trusted by all the villagers.

Aliman’s name was on the ballot paper on election day and new papers could not be printed. That is why the people elected the late mayor for the third time. However, local elections will now be held again in this village.

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