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The patient who defeated Corona is unwell with a hospital bill of Rs. 187.2 million

STOCKHOLM: Michael Flour, 70, of Sweden, fought a life-and-death battle against Corona for two months at the hospital and won, but lost six when he was billed by the hospital.

According to the World News Agency, Michael Florer bravely defeated the corona virus at the age of 70, his lungs became weaker day by day and he remained on a vanity letter for 6 weeks due to clotting in the blood, on one occasion. Expressing frustration, the doctors also asked the family to meet and see him for the last time.

Fortunately, Michael’s condition improved unexpectedly and he won the battle against the corona virus, with medical staff calling his recovery a miracle. He was hospitalized for two months, the longest in a Swedish hospital.
Michael Flore, who was miraculously healed, was shocked when an 181-page hospital bill arrived at his home, asking him to pay the hospital بل 1.122 million and 3 503. 187.2 million in Pakistani rupees.

The hospital bill fell like lightning on Michael Floor with strong nerves and his heartbeat became irregular and he was brought back to the hospital but after first aid he started feeling better. “After seeing the bill, I’m sorry I’m alive now,” said Michael Floor.

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