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The most sensitive blood test that can detect many types of cancer

Cambridge: A new and more sensitive blood test has been developed to identify cancer, developed by scientists at the University of Cambridge. Thanks to this, blood test can be done even by sitting at home with a needle.

This test can also be used to find out if the cancer has resurfaced or re-attacked. The test finds out the personal genetic data of the patient’s cancerous abscess. Based on this, thousands of different types of components can be tested for the release of cancerous tumors from DNA and floating in the blood.

This technology is so sensitive that it can detect only one type of change in a DNA. Scientists insist that this way anyone can be warned of the same cancer attack again. The study was conducted by Nizan Rosenfeld and colleagues at the Cambridge University Cancer Institute.
Experts say that thanks to this, a (personalized) or personalized test can be made for each person to see what level of cancer is in the body or whether there are signs of its recurrence or not. But Nizan said it could take years for the technology to reach hospitals.

The process of identifying signs of cancerous DNA in human blood is called a ‘liquid biopsy’, which is used to monitor the changing condition of cancer patients. But sometimes this change in the blood is so minor that normal tests fail to identify it. But the new test has been made so sensitive that it is many times more sensitive and effective than all the current tests

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