The legendary wrestler eventually retired from the WWE

WWE’s legendary wrestler Undertaker has apparently said goodbye to the world of wrestling after a three-decade career.

“He has no desire to return to the ring,” said Mark Callaway, also known as The Undertaker.

The 55-year-old wrestler announced his retirement in secret in a documentary aired on WWE TV.

“There is nothing left for me to win,” he said.

However, neither the wrestler nor the WWE has officially announced his retirement.

The Undertaker was also known as Deadman and talked about his career in a documentary about his life, The Last Ride.

He also spoke about the recent match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania, in which he “buried” his opponent alive and rode away on a motorcycle.

“It was a great moment, you don’t always have to have such moments, if there could be an ideal ending to a career, it was that moment,” Undertaker said.

“Now is the time for the cowboy to literally go, I can do better than the outside of the ring, now I’m at a place where I can accept it,” he said.

He added that he may consider returning for one last match, but time will tell.

The Undertaker had won the World Heavyweight Championship several times during his wrestling career, winning the tag team title six times and the Royal Rumble.

He began his career with World Class Wrestling Championships in 1987 and joined the WWE in the 1990s as part of Ted Die Base’s Million Dollar Team.

Undertaker then started playing for the first time in the Survivor Series at the WWE in a casket match in 1996, the first live burial match in 1996 and the first Hell in a Cell match in 1997.

Despite his huge popularity, he did not turn to the film world like John Cena or The Rock.

In an interview, he said he had the opportunity but decided against it.

“That world was not for me, wrestling and WWE are my passion, the place where I could express my personality,” he said.

On Sunday, The Undertaker shared a clip of the dacoity in a tweet saying, “You can’t appreciate the long way until you reach the end.”

By the way, rumors of Undertaker’s retirement have been circulating for many years, especially after the defeat of Roman Reigns at WrestleMania in 2017. It was thought that he had given up wrestling.

But he returned the following year for WrestleMania.

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