The doctors were ready to announce my death, Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, the 55-year-old British prime minister who spent a week in hospital after contracting the corona virus, admitted that his condition had deteriorated during treatment and that doctors were mentally prepared to announce his death.

This is the first time that Boris Johnson has spoken openly about his illness, his mental and physical condition during treatment.

Corona was diagnosed with Boris Johnson on March 27, but he was still serving as prime minister at home.

However, a week later, Boris Johnson’s condition deteriorated and he was transferred to St Thomas’ Hospital in London on the night between April 6 and 7.

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His condition worsened soon after he was transferred to the hospital, after which he was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital on April 7, where his condition remained critical for the first 8 hours. Was

After spending about three days in the ICU, he was transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward on April 10.

Boris Johnson remained in the hospital for about two more days after the ICU and was discharged from St. Thomas Hospital on the afternoon of April 12, although he did not assume the responsibilities of Prime Minister.

However, on the night of April 26, he returned to his official office, Downing Street, and on April 27, he chaired the first high-level meeting since his recovery.

Boris Johnson gave birth to a son just two days after taking office.

Boris Johnson’s fiance, Carrie Symonds, 37, gave birth to a son on April 29, and they had a premarital baby.

Boris Johnson, who has been out of the PM’s job for almost a month due to illness, spoke openly about his illness in an interview for the first time since his recovery.

According to the AFP news agency, Boris Johnson admitted in an interview with the British newspaper The Sun that his condition had become very serious and doctors were ready to announce his death.

Boris Johnson said that the doctors and other staff had acted wisely and had a complete plan for dealing with emergencies and were aware of their critical condition.

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He praised health officials and doctors for plotting to assassinate Soviet President Joseph Stalin.

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Boris Johnson admitted that his condition had worsened and that he was worried about how to get out of the situation, but did not think he could die.

The British Prime Minister said that he did not want to go to the hospital despite suffering from Corona, but at the urging and suggestion of the doctors, he was transferred to the hospital, where his condition worsened as soon as he saw it.

During the interview, he once again praised the expertise of the doctors and thanked them once again.

While Prime Minister Boris Johnson was infected with the corona virus in the UK, Prince Charles was also infected with the corona, while other prominent politicians and social figures, including the UK’s Deputy Health Minister, were also affected.

By the afternoon of May 3, the number of Corona patients in the UK had risen to 184,000, while the death toll there had risen to more than 28,000.

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The United Kingdom has the second highest number of coronavirus deaths in Europe after Italy and the third largest overall.

The highest death toll from the corona virus has been in the United States, where the death toll has risen to more than 66,000, while the number of victims has risen to more than 1.133 million.

By the afternoon of May 3, the number of Corona patients worldwide had risen to more than 3.4 million, while the death toll had risen to more than 243,000.

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