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The desire to become ‘Spider-Man’ cost the young brothers dearly

Three young brothers from Bolivia cut themselves off from a spider called Black Widow in an attempt to become ‘Spider-Man’, after which all three had to be taken to hospital.

According to Fox News, the 8, 10 and 12 year old brothers thought that if they were bitten by this poisonous spider, they could have powers like Hollywood superhero Spider-Man.

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The report further said that the three brothers knowingly attracted the spider with the help of a stick so that it could bite them.

As soon as he was bitten by a poisonous spider, he started showing some symptoms, after which his mother immediately took him to a local hospital, where his health deteriorated further and he was shifted to another major hospital in the city.

The report further said that after being bitten by a spider, all three of them started sweating, followed by high fever and convulsions.

After doctors removed spider venom from their bodies, their health improved, after which the three were sent home from the hospital a few days later.

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The report also states that the Black Widow spider does not usually attack anyone, but attacks for its own protection when it feels threatened.

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