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The customer tipped the hairdressing staff $ 6,000

DENOVER: A generous customer in the United States not only tipped a hairdresser 2,500 at a hairdressing shop that opened months later, but also paid another 00 3,300 to other staff on the way out. Tears welled up in the shop staff’s eyes at this generosity.

The incident took place on Sunday at Floyd 99, a shop at the University of Denver. Alicia Novotoni, the shop’s hairdresser, saw a customer who had recently moved here from Chicago. He said a few words and then brushed his hair.

Alicia trimmed her hair, after which she paid 500 500 to the first person at her reception. He then paid جنرل 1,000 to the general manager and  1,800 as a tip to the entire staff of Floyd 99. But in the end, she gave her hairdresser, Alicia Novotoni, 00 2,500, much to her surprise.
Thus, the compassionate person gave a total of 58 5,800 to the entire staff, which is equivalent to Rs. 900,000 in Pakistani rupees. Alicia lamented this kindness and generosity and said that she is the only mother who is taking care of the children and has been deprived of money for two months.

However, despite many efforts, the name and address of the giver could not be ascertained. However, this help has caused many financial problems for the employees of Floyd 99. An employee said he would pay his rent.

Earlier, in many US restaurants, including Texas, customers have tipped  1,300 and  1,000 to solve the financial problems of poor workers. However, the جگہ 6,000 payment in one place is unique to Denver

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