The corona virus presence in air 13 feet away from the patient is revealed

WASHINGTON: Medical experts after examining air samples from the corona virus patients’ ward revealed that the corona virus can travel up to 13 feet in the air.

It is clear that there was an urge to keep a decision of 6 feet so far, while recent research has shown that the virus can travel up to 13 feet in the air.

The preliminary findings of the Chinese researchers’ investigation were published Friday in the Journal of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dawn reported.

The aforementioned research in the debate about virus transmission has forced experts to think in newborns.

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However, Chinese scientists themselves warn that the small amount of virus found at this distance is not necessarily an infectious disease.

Researchers, led by a team of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in Beijing, examined samples of the Corona virus at an intensive care unit and Wuhan’s Hospital in Wuhan.

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They placed a total of 24 patients in the ward between February 19 and March 2.

Medical experts said most of the viruses were floating on the floor, possibly due to ‘gravity and airflow’.

In addition, he said that half of the samples of the soles of the ICU medical staff came out positive.

Researchers said ‘so medical staff can work as careers under the soles of the shoes’.

The aforementioned team said that the corona virus can remain in the air for several hours, unlike cough viruses that float on separate scaffolds.

They found that the virus was mainly found near patients up to 13 feet, while small amounts were found at up to 8 feet.

Researchers say no member of the hospital staff was infected, indicating that ‘appropriate precautions can effectively prevent the infection’.

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It should be noted that earlier in the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization for the protection of the Corona virus it was said that the cough or sneezing must be at least 6 feet away.

But one study claimed that the distance was short and that people should stand even farther away from an affected person.

American Massachusetts Institute of Technology research says social distance measures are being taken to prevent the new Corona virus, but these are insufficient.

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In addition, US scientists have feared that the corona virus could spread from the atmosphere while humans are breathing and talking, after which the US government has instructed every citizen to wear a mask.

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