The Corona virus kills nearly 19,000 people, including more than 4 million effected

Corona virus continues to increase the number of casualties and victims worldwide, where up to 19,000 people have been killed and 4 million affected so far.

With the rapid increase in the number of deaths and victims worldwide, including Italy, the risk of the Corona virus worldwide is increasing with each passing day.

Italy Spain fast casualties continue
In Italy, once again, 743 people have been killed in a single day, the virus has killed 6,820 while 69,176 people are infected.

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In Spain, as many as 514 people died in a single day, 2,969 people died, while 42,000 people were still affected by the virus.

Emergency enforcement expected in Thailand
The total number of cases in the country has risen to 934 after Thailand suffered a further 107 virus, after which the government decided to impose an emergency, which is likely to be implemented by Thursday.

After the lockdown announcement in Thailand, more than 60,000 foreigners in the country have made their way to their respective countries.

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According to the Thai Interior Ministry, authorities have closed all businesses and shopping malls in the country and ordered people to stay in their homes.

The country has also closed all its borders and more than 60 foreigners returned to their homes on Tuesday before the lockdown.

One billion people in India are in lockdown
Meanwhile, over 21 billion people have been locked down in India for 21 days and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed to the people to stay in their homes.

The Indian Prime Minister announced the complete lockdown for 21 days across the country from Tuesday in his address on TV.

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The Prime Minister of India also announced a $ 2 billion package for the health system in this announcement made after 10 deaths in the country.

India has banned the country from sending any such drug, including malaria, abroad.

So far no drug or vaccine has been invented for the corona virus and various drugs are under trial, one of which is malaria hydroxy chloride, which is considered a potential cure.

Singapore announces early elections
Singapore has announced pre-election elections in the current crisis situation a year later, which has led to the spread of the virus.

Elections in Singapore are scheduled to take place in early 2021, but taking into account the threats posed by the Corona virus, ministers say political leadership is needed in the country, so premature elections are needed.

New cases in Germany and South Africa
Meanwhile, 4 thousand 191 new cases have been reported in Germany, with the number of people infected with the virus in the country exceeding 31,000.

Another 36 people were killed in Germany, bringing the virus to 149.

Like South Africa, cases have been reported rapidly in South Africa, and with 155 new cases reported, the number of people infected with the virus has increased to 709.

US $ 2,000 billion aid package approved
Meanwhile, the US has approved a $ 2,000 billion aid package to protect Corona Virus from helping the Department of Health, as well as businesses and economies affected by the virus.

After several days of debate in the White House and the Senate, a deal has finally been reached with regard to this relief package.

At the request of President Donald Trump, South Korea has promised to provide medical equipment to the United States immediately.

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It should be noted that the US has become the third largest country infected with the virus and experts have expressed concern that the US could become the new center of the virus.

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President Trump called on 23-minute South Korean counterpart Moon Jae, in which the two leaders agreed that the United States would provide them with their food and medicines when South Korea supplied medical equipment and essential products. ۔

Lockdown Expansion in Malaysia
On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Malaysia has extended the lockdown in the country by two more weeks since March 18.

Speaking on TV in the country, Mohiuddin Yasin said that 172 more cases have been confirmed so that the number of people affected by the virus has increased to 1,096.

He assured the people that we have a large stock of food items so they do not have to worry.

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More than 100 people have been diagnosed with the virus in South Korea, bringing the number of Corona victims to 9,137 in the country.

Australia fined $ 1,000 for breach of ban
Australia also has a lockdown and heavy fines are being levied on those who violate government-imposed sanctions.

Thousands of Australians are accused of violating sanctions in New South Wales, Australia’s most populous city.

Addressing the Parliament, Ardern said, “Don’t make mistakes, it can take the worst form. If we look slow, it can intensify in the next two to three weeks.”

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Remember that schools, colleges and all non-essential businesses are already closed in New Zealand. On the other hand, 47 more cases have been reported in the country due to people coming from overseas in China.The number of such cases has increased to 474 in the country after 47 more cases were reported on Tuesday.

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