The British prince Charles also suffers from Corona

Corona was also confirmed in the British prince Charles, who quarantined himself a few days ago to protect himself from the Corona virus.

Prince Charles is the son of Queen Britain and he is the father of Prince William and Prince Harry, the number one after Queen Britain in regards to the throne of the kingdom.

The 71-year-old Prince Charles, along with his wife, had quarantined a few days earlier due to security concerns and had left Scotland’s Royal Palace to Scotland, where they underwent a test that came out positive.

According to Reuters news agency, Prince Charles and his wife Princess Kamila tested the corona virus, but the disease was diagnosed only in Prince Charles.

Prince Charles will continue to serve from home, Report - Photo: Reuters

The report said Prince Charles’ wife did not get the virus confirmed, however, he quarantined himself for safety measures while the prince was quarantined under security measures.

The report states that although Prince Charles has been diagnosed with the Corona virus, his condition is better and he has less symptoms of the outbreak and will continue to carry out his services from home.

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Prince Charles is the first person in the British royal family to have been diagnosed with Corona. Earlier, reports of Corona’s assessment were revealed by an employee of the Royal Palace, after which Queen Britain and Prince Charles left the royal palace.

Queen Britain leaves the royal palace with husband Philip on March 19 — File Photo: AFP

Queen Britain is not present at the royal palace but in Windsor Palace in England, where she is accompanied by her elderly husband and both of them have quarantined themselves while Queen Britain has other members of the royal family. Has also abandoned contact with.

It was already begun in the UK that if Queen Coronation virus was inflicted on Britain and Prince Charles would temporarily pay Prince William, who was third in line to the monarchy.

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Although the affairs of the king are still being run by Britain, however, it is thought that if he too suffered from Corona and had to go to Quarantina for several days, Prince William would temporarily take over the throne.

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