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The boycott of companies against Facebook intensified

Big companies continue to boycott ads due to Facebook’s inadequate response to hateful posts.

Mark Zuckerberg recently promised to add labels to posts that violate company rules by politicians, but companies continue to announce boycotts of social networks. ۔

So far, more than 120 companies, including UV Lever, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Hersley and Honda, have announced that they will temporarily stop advertising on Facebook.

The announcements were made by the companies as part of a boycott campaign under civil rights groups.

Some companies, such as Coca-Cola, have stopped advertising on Facebook but have not explicitly joined the boycott.

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincy says there is no place for racism in the world and on social media. The Coca-Cola Company has banned paid ads on all social media platforms for at least 30 days. Granted, we will review our advertising policies as needed. We expect greater transparency and accountability from our social media partners.

Companies on Facebook are stepping up pressure to curb racist and hateful posts.

A company spokesman said in a statement that “we will continue to work with social rights groups.”

“We spend billions of dollars every year to protect our community and constantly review and update our policies with outside experts. We have opened ourselves up to civil rights audits,” the spokesman said. So far we’ve banned 250 white racist organizations on Facebook and Instagram. With AI technology, we take action against nearly 90% of hateful content before users report it. ”

“According to a recent EU report, Facebook has more access to hateful content in 24 hours than Twitter and YouTube. We know we need to do more and we continue to work with civil rights groups,” the spokesman said. Will keep

The boycott campaign against Facebook was launched by a group of civil rights groups, which said the protest was part of a long history of allowing Facebook to post racist, violent and verified false content. is going.

Campaigners have criticized Mark Zuckerberg’s recent live-stream statement, in which the Facebook founder announced new laws to curb hate speech in ads and called for some politicians to be labeled as posts. Will

According to civil rights groups, we have called on Facebook to take a number of steps to release more information on hate speech and to scrutinize large groups on social media.

It’s not clear how much the boycott has affected Facebook, but the company makes billions of dollars from advertising.

A month-long boycott will not seem to have much effect, especially on small business ads, but the pressure will not be pleasant for the company, especially since the company itself has said that the Corona virus epidemic will result. Advertising revenue has declined.

Interestingly, a Facebook official had said some time ago that the policy would not be changed due to revenue pressures and it remains to be seen to what extent this claim is true.

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