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The biggest update to Google Photos so far

Over the course of 5 years, Google Photos has facilitated users with the storage of images and now the most important changes are taking place in the design of this popular application.

According to Google, the new design of Google Photos has made the navigation new and the pinwheel icon simpler, so that the user’s favorite old photos can be highlighted in a better way.

Similarly, Google has introduced a new feature MapView at the request of users so that images and videos can be searched by location.

David Lieb, Google Photos’ product leader, said: “Countless people like this app and the reason they like it is because they love the memories of the past, so we have paid special attention to this redesign, we think it’s long-term. Basically, this will be a unique and durable feature for Google Photos.

The new redesign of Google Photos will include the user’s old favorite and recent photos in one tab photos.

At the top of this tab, users will be able to view Memories, a feature like a private archive of old photos, such as Instagram storage, a feature that was introduced last year and is now used by more than 120 million users a month.

A new section, Recent Highlights, is also being offered in Memories, which will feature some of the best photos taken by Google recently.

Recent images can be viewed under Memories, but the app will now automatically figure out which images might be more interesting to the user, and highlight them.

Photos courtesy of Google

Google has also made space between images in the grid view and whiteboard images will look a bit smaller.

The search tab features Google’s machine learning technology, which will be able to see the people at the top of most of the user’s images, making it easier to find the ones you want.

Below is a new place view that will help the user find the photos and videos they have taken on the map.

Search also has another feature, Things View, which helps to categorize images according to the user’s potential interest.

Photos courtesy of Google


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