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The best feature of WhatsApp is likely to be introduced soon

Testing of some new features in WhatsApp has started in beta version, one of which has been working for a long time.

According to WhatsApp update tracking site WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has started testing beta versions of Android and iOS for features that allow an account to work on multiple devices simultaneously.

In addition, chat clearing and in-chat search optimization features are also offered in beta versions.

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But the most important feature is the multi-device login support that people have been waiting for for a long time because it will be possible to use the account on many devices.

At the moment the user can only log in to a mobile phone and use the computer on the web version while browsing the web but this requires a mobile device close by.

If the user wants to use their account in another phone, they have to go through the process of signing in again.

According to the report, WhatsApp is testing to provide multi-device login support in 4 devices at a time.

Although 4 devices are less than other chat apps like Telegram, it is still better than one device at the moment.

The availability of beta versions indicates that this feature may soon be introduced to all users, but it is difficult to say how much longer it will take.

It is not yet clear how WhatsApp will support multiple devices, as well as how to keep messages encrypted.

But one idea is the recent progress towards encrypting data stored on WhatsApp’s cloud servers.

News about the multi-device support feature first surfaced in July last year, when WABetainfo announced that WhatsApp was working on a new platform (Universal Windows Platform). Which will allow one account to log in to multiple devices at once.

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WhatsApp is also working on improving chat search and users will be able to find the chat they want with search by date.

Another feature is to increase the storage usage age, which will allow users to get details about saving WhatsApp media files in the phone.

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