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The best defense against Corona is more co-operation than Isolation, DGISPR

Director General of the Army’s Public Relations (ISPR) says the best defense against Corona is more co-operation than isolation.

During the media briefing, Maj. Gen. Babar Iftikhar said, “Today the Corona virus has engulfed the entire world, even the developed countries are looking helpless in front of it. March 23, 1940 Pakistan was the destination. Now, once again we need to unite for a secure Pakistan. Pakistan is facing the challenge of the Corona virus at this time. It is the fact that nations face the challenges and the people move forward. That alone can help us get out of this situation. ‘

He said that “Pakistan is well aware of its responsibilities and will use all efforts and resources in this regard. At a special corps commander conference yesterday evening, the forces will assist Pakistan’s civil institutions to deal with the Corona virus.” The preparation and the line of action were reviewed. ‘

He said that the government of Pakistan has called for the help of Pakistan under Article 245 of the Constitution. Despite the army army’s line of control and the deployment of heavy troops on the western border, the army chief has provided all available personnel and troops. We have issued orders to deploy all available medical resources of Pakistan as per the requirement. ”

DGISPR said, “Under the steps of the federal and provincial governments, only hospitals, foodstuffs, food and medical factories and medical stores will be opened. All schools, restaurants. , Cinemas, wedding halls, swimming pools will be closed, gatherings of all kinds will be banned, intercity transport will be used only for food supply chain. ‘

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He said, “All types of public transport will be closed inside the cities, all airports will be closed for international flights till April 4, petrol pumps and markets will be opened according to the provincial government’s notification.” Governments will issue more guidelines in their respective provinces, which will be ensured in conjunction with civil institutions. ”

“All the borders have been closed under security measures, but the actual border is between humans and the Corona virus that we have to overcome, it is as difficult and difficult as individual, family, community and society,” he said. It is time to make decisions, individual discipline and mutual support will succeed in the efforts of all organizations. ‘

Major General Babar Iftikhar said, “The best defense against the Corona virus is more co-operation than isolation, the challenge is huge and difficult, but the world has committed this nation in the fight against the 2005 earthquake, flood and terror of 2010.” We have seen the courage, the current challenge has once again tested national strength and courage, but this time the threat is of a different nature that we have not seen in our lives before, but the forces of Pakistan to overcome this threat. Will stand side by side with him. ‘

He said, “Keeping your movements in line with the world’s best practices is the most effective defense against viruses, but at the same time screening, testing are very important, in this regard. Together, we are ensuring this procedure at all entry points. ‘

He said, “I have no doubt that the brave and proud Pakistanis will once again surpass the challenge of joining forces with the Pakistan Army. The Army Chief has paid his one-month salary, from Brigadiers to Lieutenant General.” For 3 days, Colonel’s Officers have decided to give 2 days and Soldiers and JCOs pay their one-day salary in an emergency fund set up to cope with the outbreak. ‘

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Spokesman Pak Army said, “Today is a day to remember the Kashmiri brothers and sisters, they have become examples of resistance to their right self-determination despite being unconcerned with the worst state terrorism and natural disaster.” The people of Kashmir will definitely succeed in this struggle. ‘

It is pertinent to mention that the Federal Interior Ministry approved a deployment request from the administration of four provinces, including Islamabad and Gilgit Baltistan, to ensure the implementation of the Corona virus.

According to a notification issued by the Interior Ministry, the Pakistan Army will be deployed to assist the civil administration for which the civil administration has requested.

The notice clarified that the Pakistan Army has been summoned under Article 245 of the Constitution.

It is thought that the first case of Corona virus came out in Pakistan at the end of February, after which the spread of the virus in the country is increasing rapidly and the number of people affected by this global outbreak has exceeded 800.

In addition, 6 deaths were recorded in the country while 6 persons were recovered

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