Tests for the treatment of corona patients with female hormones

Although there is currently no formal and authoritative treatment for coronavirus patients, no vaccine has been developed to prevent it.

However, health experts around the world are trying different treatments on Corona patients and are receiving very good results in many ways.

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While chloroquine, a drug used to treat malaria in corona patients, is being tested in other countries, including the United States, blood plasma is also being used to treat patients with blood transfusions.

Just a few days ago, it was reported that American experts have started testing the medicine to treat heart, chest and gastritis on Corona patients and now it has come to light that American experts have treated Corona patients in a unique way. Started

Yes, American experts began experimentally treating corona patients in the most unique way ever.

According to the New York Times, after medical experts in New York, Kedar Sanai Medical Center and Stony Brook School of Medicine, two medical centers in Los Angeles, California, also plan to treat corona patients with female (sex) hormones.

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According to the report, medical experts in New York had started treating corona patients with the hormone estrogen found in women only last week and now the experts in Los Angeles have also started testing another female hormone.

According to the report, specialists from both medical centers will treat male patients with the corona virus using the hormone progesterone found in women.

The report states that hormones called estrogen and progesterone are produced in large quantities in women. Both of these hormones help to strengthen the immune system and also protect against viral diseases.

Now American experts will try to treat men with corona with both of these female hormones who have at least one severe symptom of corona.

Experts will give male patients with severe symptoms of corona through a female hormone patch, a method in which a tape-shaped device is placed on the body for some time and the human body. Absorbs the medicine in this tape.

Experts have dubbed this process the estrogen and progesterone patch and a similar method is used to prevent pregnancy.

In addition, other skin and body ailments are treated in a similar way.

According to the New York Times, Los Angeles experts hope that about 110 people will register as volunteers for the trial program, but initially experts have started the program with very few volunteers.

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During the pilot program, specialists will treat volunteers with hormones, while some volunteers will also be treated with conventional methods, and then the results and health of volunteers with both methods will be reviewed.

It is believed that more men than women have been infected with the corona virus worldwide, although the rate of infection among women is almost the same as that of men, but most of the deaths are in men.

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Authoritative data on male deaths from coronavirus compared to females is not available, but some research has claimed that males are more likely to die from factors such as smoking, alcohol, and lack of hygiene. The death toll is rising.

At the same time, some studies have shown that blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and other diseases are also common in men, which is why the number of men dying after being infected with corona is increasing.

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