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Teskilat Episode 48 With English, Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Teskilat Episode 48 in Urdu Subtitles, Are you insane? You will kill the lady He isn’t dead I couldn’t care less in case he’s dead The main thing I care about is our troopers who will be martyred if that hard plate is conveyed What are you doing? What’s happening with you? You were absurd There are mobes I realize OK quiet down My God my Lord! What’s happening with you? I’m taking care of my work on the off chance that you leave my arm Finally Well I figured you could never come.

In Teskilat Episode 48 We trusted that the others will come out Okay open that entryway Look the key is in the spot Come on how about we leave right now Hey! Hello, take me with you Solve me too Hey Murat! I brought a companion of a digital master. Who is this? Where is here? Barbaroslar Episode 2, This is where you will proceed with your life from this point forward Son. Father, I speculated you were behind this business Gürcan I don’t have the opportunity to manage you right presently Sit down right now Besides I am not the proprietor of this thought, obviously, you are not If it was dependent upon you you’d prefer I decay in prison right?

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In Teskilat Episode 48 I said Gürcan isn’t presently What are the circumstances? Hulki was shot Righteous keeps on conflicting with men my President Gürcan we are in two vital tasks Come on plunk down What? So are these incident at this point? Is it true that they are alive? Indeed Keep quiet and kindly plunk down Let’s What is the circumstance? He intentionally collided with Ceren’s vehicle. Teskilat Season 2 Episode 46 in Urdu Subtitles, But he is in acceptable condition Just escaped the vehicle About to awaken We need to get the hard circle About to awaken! We need to go to Serdar to walk! God damn it!

In Teskilat Episode 48 Hi I’ll report a mishap Someone from us should assume control over the mishap Clean this up undoubtedly All right President Gürcan has worked for you Please stand to the side Don’t get excessively close I called an emergency vehicle Okay man of honor I comprehend Did they eliminate Pascal? Not yet, President, We’ve been assaulted by crisis support! We should! Murat! Murat take me as well! Tackle me as well! Murat! typically you act like a canine When you think about your work like that you ask Murat go Pass it like this We have a ton of misfortunes.

In Teskilat Episode 48 Psychological militants are on the run Need pressing help! I will kill you enough! Murat! We should! It is safe to say that he is dead? This spot has been cleared Let’s get out before the help group comes! Come here God damn it Murat is dead. The association will presently don’t keep us alive Is it our shortcoming? In the event that he hadn’t return since I planned to get this person. Teskilat Season 2 Episode 48 in Urdu Subtitles, We’ve as of now gotten taller at this point. Why does it matter? We were unable to get Murat Nobody pays attention to pardons they bore our heads Ian

Teskilat Episode 48 With English Subtitles Full HD


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Teskilat Episode 48 With Urdu Subtitles Full HD

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