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Takhat Aur Baghawat Episode 15 with Urdu Full HD


There had been battles for a long time between Ottoman Empire and the Persians. This load of fights were battled either based on religion or for their country’s honor and notoriety. These organizing brought forth TAKHT AUR BAGHAWAT.

In the early long periods of eighteenth century when the Turkish caliph Ahmad and Persian lord were fighting with one another on conventional threats; these fights were battled in the front lines as well as in their royal residences, woods, roads and marketplaces. Alongside a progression of tricks and lip services.

The Turkish caliph was not as terrified of the unfamiliar adversaries as he was of his nearby rivals. The greatest danger for him was Patrona’s revolt whose target was Prime Minister Ibrahim and his adherents who were more occupied with the castle’s connivances and extravagances as opposed to playing out their obligations. Patrona and his adherents needed the excusal of the caliph and to hang Ibrahim. This revolt proceeded in Sultan Mehmood’s time likewise, yet in a lower rank.

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