Synthetic antibodies: shield against corona, also treatment!

New Orleans: US experts have developed a new synthetic antibody that can not only act as a shield against the novel corona virus but also cure the disease it spreads.

Currently this antibody has been successfully tested on mice, but it will have to undergo several more tests to be used regularly against the corona virus, which will take a few more years.

Scientists have known for years that a special type of enzyme, the ACE-2 (S2) enzyme, is present on the surface of the cells of the respiratory tract and lungs. The corridor also provides the same envelope to enter.

The corona virus also produces special proteins called “spike proteins”. These “S2s” attach to the enzyme, forcing it to enter the cell.

With all this information in mind, the experts created several synthetic antibodies in the laboratory that could bind to the corona virus’s spike protein, causing the virus to be misunderstood as if it had entered the cell. In this way, he would get all his genetic material out without reaching his target and his attack would fail.

While all of these synthetic antibodies performed well in preventing and destroying the corona virus, the antibody called MDR504 proved to be the best because it binds the corona virus spike protein more strongly and effectively. Was tied up

If this synthetic antibody proves to be equally useful and effective in human experiments, it is hoped that it will be used as the most effective medicine for the corona virus on an emergency basis.

Details of this research have recently been published on the pre-print website “BioRxiV”. However, this research has yet to undergo verification.

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