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Sudanese women traveling abroad ordered to weigh themselves at the airport

The government of the African country of Sudan has announced that women going abroad will now be weighed at the airport, while the said women will also be weighed on their return.

Sudan has been governed by an independent council since the fall of the government in July last year.

The Autonomous Council consists of senior military and civilian leadership officials, the head and deputy head of the council being held by military officials, and for the first 21 months the two top positions in the council will be held by military figures.

The council took office in August 2019 and includes expert politicians and social leaders. In total, the council has 11 members.

The council has also taken several steps for economic development, including improving government arrangements, and has now announced a unique plan to curb gold smuggling from the country.

According to the Sudanese news agency Sona, the deputy chairman of the Independent Council, Muhammad Hamdan Daqlu, announced that every woman going abroad would now be weighed before leaving and a record would be set.

According to Mohammad Hamdan Daqlu, the women will also be weighed on their return home and if they lose weight and it is proved that the women were involved in gold smuggling, they will be sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

According to the deputy chairman of the Independent Council, Sudanese gold traders and shopkeepers have been using a large number of poor and middle-class women to smuggle gold for some time, and this has been going on for a long time.

According to Mohammad Hamdan Daqlu, the women used in gold smuggling are taken to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and sent back to the country after being kept there for a few weeks.

The head of the Independent Council did not specify whether a list of women’s jewelery would be compiled, but said it would be made mandatory once they were weighed and returned.

It should be noted that Sudan has vast reserves of other natural minerals, including gold, not only Sudan but also other countries in the region are rich in natural minerals and that is why the region is also a victim of civil war

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