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Successful experiment of fertilizing crops with soap bubbles

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese scientists have successfully filled small soap bubbles with pear yolks and successfully transplanted them to trees.

This is because the bees on the planet perform this important service and produce food for us by transferring the yolks of different crops from one plant to another. But the number of bees is declining rapidly, and scientists themselves are concerned.

In this context, drones and microscope robots are also being worked on, but when Japanese experts threw pear tree yolks at various trees with a gun that made bubbles, 95% of the successful results were found and the trees began to grow.

This technology has raised hopes that better yields can be achieved by placing yolks in fine drops of soap.
In the next phase, scientists will experiment with small drones to spray bubbles on crops or trees. The study was conducted by Professor Ijiro Miyako of Japan’s Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Although a very small drone was built in this regard, which was only two centimeters long, but in the initial experiments, it damaged the delicate flowers. But now efforts will be made to reduce the damage.

Dr. Ijero says that small bubbles of soap can take the yolks of flowers and because of their delicacy they can be very slowly put on other flowers. The microscopic process has also shown that soap bubbles can do this and this has been confirmed.

According to Professor Ijero, a small bubble can hold 2,000 yolks. When they were planted on pear trees, their production began 16 days later, with the results being like hand-fertilizing.

Some experts believe that even a light breeze can destroy the bubbles already or move them from their center to the right or left. But Ijero is hopeful that he is working on a drone that will drop bubbles from a distance of two meters exactly where they are needed.

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