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Stretching exercise helps lower blood pressure

CANADA: Patients with high blood pressure should be aware that experts now insist that stretching exercises to keep blood pressure normal can sometimes be more effective than jogging and walking.

Now he advises to continue jogging and walking and also take some time for stretching exercises. This process is called ‘stretching’ which can be done in different ways like yoga.

The study was conducted by Phil Chailebeck, an anthropologist at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. According to him, stretching and stretching the body also pulls small and big veins in different parts of the body. This process makes the veins and veins more flexible, which improves blood flow. The inevitable effect is a drop in blood pressure.

In this regard, an average of 61-year-old men and women were divided into two groups who were kept unaware of this purpose. One group was given 30 minutes of stretching five times a week, while the other group was asked to walk only.

During this time, the blood pressure of the participants was measured on different occasions and it was found that stretching was very beneficial and it proved to be slightly better than walking.

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