Spain records 832 deaths from Corona virus, the total exceeds 5,000

The Corona virus in Spain recorded a record 832 deaths in a single day, bringing the total number to 5,690 in the country.

According to a foreign news agency ‘Reuters’ report, the police chief announced a day’s casualties in the country in a state of depression.

Spain has become the second largest country after Italy in connection with the Corona virus killings, while the number of victims has also increased to 72,248, from 64 Hazaras 59 the previous day.

Health department head Fernando Simon said the epidemic had reached its peak in several areas, but there were no intensive care units in the country.

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“We are facing a shortage of space in the ICU,” he said.

According to Spanish media, in the third week of the death of Lockdown, the dance of death is underway and a deserted building has now been converted into a dying room, which was designated a few days ago for the same purpose.

Jose Manuel Santiago, the head of the Civil Guard, paid tribute to the head of the Rapid Action Group, who was killed yesterday by the Corona virus.

According to the government, the Ministry of Transport has requested 12 million masks from China for the Ministry of Health, Transport and Postal workers who have arrived at Madrid airport.

Volunteers in Barcelona distribute masks and free meals to medical staff under the ‘Delivery for Heroes’ campaign, a joint campaign of six companies that manage to deliver food to 200 people daily.

“This is just food, but the gift of emotion and encouragement is continuing and what we are doing is being emphasized,” Dr. Louis Maguill Martin of Barcelona’s hospital said after receiving food from volunteers. ‘.

Schools, bars, restaurants and other shops have been closed since March 14 in the battle against the Corona virus in Spain, and are often locked in populated homes.

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It should be noted that in the world, the number of Corona-affected people has reached 5,988, while the death toll has reached 27,762.

The United States and Italy have joined the list of the most affected countries due to the deadly corona virus that has spread to about 177 countries in the world. Washington has confirmed more than 100,000 people affected by the virus.

Spain has the second highest number of casualties, with 9,134 in Italy, 5,138 in Spain and 3,177 in China (Wuhan).

The total number of people killed by the virus in the United States has reached 1,700.

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According to information provided on the Worldwide Novel Corona Virus Monitoring Website, 4,92,775 people are affected in 10 countries of the world while 5,407 people are infected with Corona virus in other countries of the world.

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