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Slath robot that monitors the environment and nature

Georgia: There is also a very slow moving sloth in dense forests. Inspired by this, scientists have created a sloth robot that hangs upside down just like the same animal, moving slowly and taking notes on nature, the environment and wildlife.

The sloth-like robot is three feet long and most of it is printed with a 3D printer. It is equipped with a variety of sensors and motors. Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created it for a botanical garden.

Like its name implies, it moves very slowly and consumes battery efficiently. The robot is specifically designed to protect the forest, preserve the environment, and monitor animals and birds. It is equipped with special solar panels that run the entire electrical system in sunlight.

A robot is run by tying a thick wire to two trees. With its sensors, it keeps track of temperature, carbon dioxide, weather and other conditions, but the robot keeps track of all changes for a very long time, and once it becomes part of the environment, data for months and years. Can submit

The robot is mounted on a one-centimeter-long wire and moves forward only when needed, otherwise it stops and collects information. It is expected to be an eco-friendly robot because of its ability to be part of an environment for a very long time.

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