Shocking revelation about corona virus

The new novel corona virus is thought to have started spreading in the Chinese city of Wuhan late last year, but there is now growing evidence that it has already spread to other parts of the world.

In fact, scientists in Italy, France and the United States have discovered that the virus began to spread around the world before Wuhan.

Now, British scientists claim that the new virus began to spread late last year and spread rapidly after initial cases.

It should be noted that this research has not yet been published in any medical journal but has been published online.

The study looked at the genomes of 7,600 cases of code 19 around the world and concluded that the virus had started spreading at least last year.

The University of London study found that the virus was changing, but that did not mean it was getting worse.

Scientists, after looking at samples from different times and places, concluded that the virus began to infect people in late 2019.

Researchers previously believed that the virus was only present in China at the time, and now the new findings explain why it finally spread so fast.

Cases in Italy and France
Researchers in Italy and France have discovered in recent weeks that the epidemic began to spread in their countries at least a month before the first confirmed case.

According to Radio France International (RFI), a doctor from Paris claimed that the coronavirus in France may have started in December 2019.

France confirmed its first corona virus case at the end of January 2020, making France the first European country to have a corona confirmed, and the first European corona to die in France.

The first death from corona in France occurred on February 15, and the deceased had visited the Chinese city of Wuhan before falling ill.

But now a French doctor has claimed that the corona virus actually started there in December 2019.

Dr. Yves Cohen, from a city near Paris, claimed in a radio interview that according to his investigation, the first case of Corona in France came to light on December 27, 2019, the first suspected case of Corona in France by Chinese authorities on December 31. It also came out 3 days before 2019 was confirmed.

Dr. Cohen said he and other members of his team examined 24 patients at two different hospitals with symptoms that later became known as corona symptoms.

At the end of March, Adriano Deserley, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Milan, said hospitals in the Italian region of Lombardy and Milan had seen a significant increase in pneumonia and flu cases between October and December last year.

He said he could not give exact figures yet, but during the last quarter of 2019, there were more cases than usual in hospitals in which patients experienced symptoms such as pneumonia and the flu, and some died.

They are now reviewing hospital records and other details of cases, such as the number of deaths at home, to help determine if the virus had spread to Italy in late 2019.

“We want to know if the virus reached Italy at the end of 2019 and if so, why it has not been caught for so long,” he said.

United States
Similarly, a postmortem in the United States revealed that the deaths from complications of Code 19 occurred several weeks before the first official death.

An examination of the bodies of two people in the US state of California revealed that they both died of the novice coronavirus in early and mid-February, before the first death from the virus in the United States was thought to have occurred on February 29. Was

According to a CNN report, both deaths could be the first deaths in the United States, suggesting that the spread of the virus in the country began in January.

These results indicate that more people have been diagnosed with the disease than expected, since most people with the disease have no symptoms or are mild, while the symptoms are very similar to the flu. Individuals are unaware of the virus and many may be immune to the virus.

However, scientists involved in the British study said there was no evidence that so many people had been infected in a country that made it more difficult for it to spread, suggesting that the virus had not spread for long. ۔

But he estimates that as many as 10 percent of the world’s population, or 760 million people, may have been infected, with more than 3.8 million confirmed cases.

The researchers said that the virus had recently emerged and the results confirmed previous estimates that at the end of 2019 it had been transferred from bats to other animals and then to humans.

“It’s not too long ago, we’re very confident that it happened at the end of last year and all the changes that are happening around the world are similar,” he said.

He said it was almost impossible to find the first case of the virus in any country because it was found in Europe and the United States.

The case may have spread several weeks or months ago.

A study by the University of Cambridge in the UK in April claimed that an outbreak of the new novel corona virus may have started in mid-September last year and did not start in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The Cambridge University study is working to find the root cause of the Code 19 epidemic, and the research team hopes to identify the first person to become the first victim of the virus, after which it can spread further. Started

During the study, the study looked at more than 1,000 complete genomes of the corona virus whose sequences were developed from human patients.

The virus was later divided into type A, B and C based on genetic mutations, and the type A type A virus may have been transmitted from bats to pangolins in humans.

Type A was discovered among Chinese and American citizens, with modified versions reaching Australia and the United States.

According to the research, in most cases in Wuhan, the type A virus was not seen, but the type B virus was active, which indicates that it started to change from an event there.

The Type C version came from the abdomen of the Type B, which was seen in early cases in Europe, while patients were also found in South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong, but no signs of it were found in China.

According to the researchers, the data collected show that the Corona virus epidemic began to spread between September 13 and December 7 and is based on the rate of change in the virus.

However, the scientists said that the time estimate may be wrong, but at the moment this estimate seems to be correct, in this regard, more patient samples will be analyzed.

Peter Forster, head of the research team, said the outbreak may not have started in Wuhan because the type B virus was detected in all patients there, but in Guangdong Province, 500 miles from Wuhan, the type was found in seven of the 11 genomes. As seen A, this number is very small because the number of genomes in the early stages of the epidemic was very small.

Hundreds of types of viruses
The study identified 198 strains of the virus, and researchers said they could not say whether the changes made the virus more or less deadly and contagious.

On the other hand, a study by the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the United States states that one type of this virus is the most contagious.

The researchers said that there is something special about this particular type that is spreading very fast, but the results are not yet clear.

A study from the University of Glasgow also analyzed the types of viruses and found that only one type of virus is currently circulating.

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