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As it is obvious from the arrangement’s name Sevda kusun kanadinda, the arrangement clarifies the account of a conflict in SeddulBahir which proceeded for 32 hours. Five distinctive station were introduced in Canakkale for the creation of this arrangement. To completely address that term, various weapons and outfits were utilized to fulfill the crowd. After a long investigation of 8 months, channels and strongholds were made that were utilized in the Battles during the arrangement. The shooting of this arrangement finished in 4 months. Seddulbahir 32 Saat is a small scale arrangement comprising of just 4 scenes.

The First World War is as yet progressing and the Ottoman Empire needs new warriors

The First World War is as yet progressing and the Ottoman Empire needs new warriors. Sergeant Mehmet composes a letter and tells his family that he is progressing admirably. In the interim, Major Mahmud Sabri readies his fighters against the British assault. The British need to go through Canakkale to take Istanbul. Footrest troopers began to shield the Canakkale Strait against the British, French, Anzac, and aggressors from a wide range of nations. Hussein converses with the warriors who went to his town and chooses to join the conflict to see his dad once and for all. Smithy Ramiz volunteers and leaves his little child with Hatice. Hassan, the child of Ramiz, can only with significant effort acknowledge this partition.

Albeit Ottoman officers were less than the British in number

Albeit Ottoman officers were less than the British in number, they kept on securing the country. Major Mahmud Sabri is searching for an approach to help his officers. Liman Pasha demands that these assaults are phony and doesn’t send backing to Seddulbahir. Cevat Pasha can’t comprehend the choice of Marshal Liman not to send support and sends an endeavor gathering to Seddulbahir. Major Mahmud Sabri discovers that the British are gradually progressing on the shore and sends the keep going troopers on the front. Medical attendant Zeliha asks the harmed warriors who go to the emergency treatment tent where Hussein is and whether he is alive. Major Mahmud Sabri chooses a counterattack to stop the British development, and Turkish soldiers start the attack.

Turkish officers get back to the central command after the assault

Turkish officers get back to the central command after the assault. Hussein’s companions are stressed over him and they attempt to discover where he is. Mehmet discovers that his child will struggle however isn’t back. This news makes Mehmet miserable. Major Mahmud Sabri holds a short gathering with the officials and discusses the most recent occasions. Major Mahmud Sabri makes another arrangement to stop the British development and advises the arrangement to officials. Mehmet converses with Major and says he needs to join the endeavor gathering to call his child. Major Mahmud Sabri acknowledges this offer. Then, at that point Ramiz converses with Mehmet and peruses the letter from the town to him. Hussein tucks away among the dead fighters and sneaks up after the British go. Mehmet gets back to the front line and starts searching for his child. In the interim, Hussein subtly moves toward the British and watches them. Mehmet and Ramiz can’t discover Hussein and figure that he may have been gotten by the British.

Mehmet makes an arrangement to assault the British stuck in a town

Mehmet makes an arrangement to assault the British stuck in a town and makes a move right away. Turkish warriors plan explosives and begin sitting tight for an assault request. The British leader makes a move to completely catch the town and kill the Turks. As Mehmet and the fighters get ready for the assault, the request to pull out will astonish them. Ramiz and the troopers settle on a choice together. This choice isn’t to be removed. An excess gathering of Turkish officers says they would prefer not to withdraw and need to oppose the British until they bite the dust. Hussein gets back to the base camp and passes on what Mustafa Kemal advised him. Hussein discovers that Major will go to help Seddulbahir and requests consent to go with him. In the mean time, Mehmet can’t stand any more and goes to address the British troopers at the passageway of the town. Mehmet asks the British for what reason they came here and what they are doing here.

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