Sentenced to 6 months in Singapore for standing next to another person

New and stringent laws have been announced in Singapore to prevent the Corona virus, which allows Singaporeans to be jailed for up to six months if they knowingly stand close to someone else.

The French state news agency AFP reports and  that the city state has introduced a series of new measures to control the virus, including banning liquor and cinemas and banning large gatherings.

One of the measures aims to ensure ‘social distance’, which is restricted to standing less than one meter away.

According to the rules, the public is prohibited from queuing in public places, sitting or sitting near a person and sitting less than one meter away from the other person.

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Individuals who appear to violate these rules will be jailed for up to 6 months and fined 10,000 Singaporean dollars (US $ 7,000).

In addition, business owners will also need to take such measures, such as not having to sit on the ground less than a meter away and ensuring distance between people in a row.

If business owners see these rules broken, they too will face the above punishment.

It should be noted that crime rates in Singapore are extremely low and strict in terms of law and order situation where these stringent measures have now been introduced to curb the virus coming from abroad.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health had said, “We will take strict and safe distance measures to limit risk and activity.”

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It may be noted that 683 cases of Corona virus have been reported in Singapore so far and 2 have been killed but no lockdown has been done so far.

On the other hand, the Corona epidemic has infected more than 5 million people worldwide so far, and more than 24,000 people have died.

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