Salman Khan announces support to 25,000 employees of film industry

In India, the world’s largest film industry, where millions of employees are being affected by the 21-day lockdown, which has affected millions of other employees working on daily wages, there are also millions of employees of the film industry.

Films were canceled just before lockdown was implemented in India due to the Corona virus, while the cinemas were temporarily stopped from displaying new films.

However, after March 22, a 21-day lockdown was announced in India, after which not only the businesses were closed but all business life, including general transport, was suspended.

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Actors Salman Khan has announced the financial support of 25,000 employees of the film industry who are facing financial hardship especially after the implementation of the lockdown.

Bollywood Dabang Khan Salman Khan has promised financial support to 25,000 employees working on the daily wage of the film industry, India Today reported, citing the Federation of Western Indian Sign Employees (FWICC). Is.

FWICC President BN Tawari confirmed that Salman Khan has promised financial support to employees working on the daily wages of the film industry and the actor has also directed his social organization Bang Humane. ۔

The president of the Film Employees Union said that following Salman Khan’s instructions, his organization has also obtained the details of bank accounts of 25,000 employees working on daily wages from the film union and according to the actor’s organization he will soon be employed. Will initiate the transfer of funds to.

Corona has also postponed the IIFA Film Awards ceremony - Photos: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

According to BN Tawari, president of the Film Employees Union, there are at least 5 million employees working in the film industry on a daily wage, of which Salman Khan will only help 25,000 employees.

The president of the FWICC said that in addition to Salman Khan, other major actors and producers should come forward to help employees working on daily wages.

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He also said that the organization had prepared ration bags while planning to help millions of employees working on daily wages, but the organization had difficulties in distributing them due to lockdown.

In addition, the Film Employees Union said that individuals like filmmaker Karan Johar, actress Tepsi Panu, Ayushman Khurana, Kiara Advani, Siddharth Malhotra, Rakel Prit Singh and Nitish Tawari were already in the business of financing millions of employees working on daily wages. Has also made promises and they are also cooperating with the organization.

An association of producers of the Indian film industry, including the Film Employees Union, has also begun working to help employees on daily wages, and the Producers’ Association has appealed to the gentlemen to come forward to help employees.

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It is thought that by the afternoon of March 29 in India, the number of corona patients had increased to 987 while the number of casualties there had also increased to 25.

In India, most people from other countries of the world are confined to homes, as this country is three to four times larger in population than all other locking countries, one billion out of a billion people population here. More people are restricted to homes.

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