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Russia polls postpone elections April 22 due to the Corona virus

Russian President Vladimir Putin announces the postponement of constitutional change in the country due to the Corona virus.

The April 22 elections have been postponed, he said

“Our top priority is the health, life and safety of the people, so I believe the vote should be postponed,” Putin said.

He further announced that the Russian people will not work for one week to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Russian president, however, warned that it was impossible to prevent the spread of the virus in view of the country’s vast territory.

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He said that due to the corona virus, the economy of the country is under severe pressure but we will continue to take steps for the welfare of the people.

On Wednesday, Russia confirmed another 163 cases of the Corona virus, bringing the number of virus-infected people to 658 in Russia.

Russia has already ordered those coming from abroad to stay in Quarantina, taking action for the Corona virus.

Russia has imposed restrictions on the gathering of people in the country, including all cultural activities, sports events, cinema nightclubs and restaurants.

On the other hand, the Russian court and parliament approved the proposed changes in the country, including the abolition of Putin’s re-election.

Putin, who has been elected president for the past four times since the end of the ban, has twice been eligible to be elected to Russia.

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It should be remembered that due to the Corona virus, most countries in the world have been locked down where more than 19,000 people have died due to the virus.

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