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Rocket launcher attacks Afghan army camp, kills brigadier

KABUL: A rocket launcher struck a military base in Afghanistan’s Badghis province, killing Brigadier Abdul Nasir Nuristani and wounding 10 others.

According to Afghan media, the militants attacked a military camp in Balamargha area of ​​Badghis province with a rocket launcher. The attack was so sudden that the Afghan army did not have a chance to recover and retaliate.

The rocket launcher attack killed Abdul Nasir Nuristani, chief of the Afghan Army’s Infantry Brigade III, and wounded 10 others. The dead and injured were shifted to a military hospital where the condition of four injured is said to be critical.

An Afghan military spokesman blamed the Taliban for details provided to the media about the attack, but the Taliban did not confirm or deny the attack.

A suicide attack on an Afghan military base in Ghazni yesterday killed 31 soldiers and wounded 24, most of them commandos, while another suicide bomber, Zabul provincial council chief, narrowly escaped death, but killed three people in the convoy 12 were injured.

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