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Ramo Episode 15 With Urdu Subtitle Free of cost

Everything is horrible. Always leave. Why? This is who we are. Episode 15 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles We oppose all forms of authority. even the arrangement we established. I got going. Yes. I ran the train. If I hadn’t returned your back … If I hadn’t turned my eyes, Could you do it, Ramo? You Nap? Are you going to take me with him? Is that what I’m here for? If I did, yes.

Personally, I would take it like that and hang it over my neck. Why did you not say that? I said … This is who we are. In addition, I have a train to disassemble. The lions, hurry up! Come on, tighten up! Go! Have you visited the tanker? Episode 9 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles I’ve already arrived three times. The circumstances are dire. I can’t get through to anyone. It was clear.
Everyone was attacked by these dishonest people; catastrophe. … my aunt Episode 9 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles – Huh? What will we do going forward? They once entered this home, and it ended badly. They won’t ever enter again. Rise, catastrophe. Did I fully understand? Also, Mr. Cihangir You have a profile with them. Is

Me? Why me? Ever had a chance to meet Mr. Cihangir? You are blind. because he has no faith in anyone. Including his family. His lack of trust extends to you as well. As to why I selected you, Cihangir’s brain cannot provide the person I required. Episode 9 of Ramo with Urdu Subtitles By no means someone who is persistent in pursuing his cause. It is, Ramo. because you buried someone you loved dearly. as I am. I’ll tell you who you are.

I’ll explain. When the moment is right, Ramo, you’ll figure it out. Our shared secrets bind us. But … We have a more pressing issue. Alpay. There’s a plot in place to shoot you. I went with them. just because I can be a hindrance.

Ramo Episode 15 Urdu Subtitle Free of cost

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