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Prince Charles, the victim of Corona, came out of Quarantina only five days later

Prince Charles, 71, a victim of the Corona virus, came out of Quarantina only five days later, suffering from an epidemic on March 25 last week.

Prince Charles is the son of Queen Britain and he is the father of Prince William and Prince Harry, the number one after Queen Britain in regards to the throne of the kingdom.

The 71-year-old Prince Charles, along with his wife, had moved to Quarantina before being diagnosed with Corona due to security concerns, and left Scotland’s Royal Palace to Scotland, where he underwent a test that came back positive. ۔

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Corona’s diagnosis was confirmed in Prince Charles on March 25, and the same day his wife, 78-year-old Princess Kamella, came back negative.

After Corona’s test came out positive, the prince himself had a tough quarantine, but now the news has come out that he has just quit after five days.

The British Broadcasting BBC quoted a representative from the royal palace as saying that Prince Charles was out of Quarantina on the afternoon of March 30, and in total he remained in Quarantina for a week.

Corona was not diagnosed in Princess Charles' wife Princess Kamila - Photo: PA

Generally, coronary patients advise clinicians to stay in Quarantine for up to 2 weeks, but in some patients they may be allowed to return home even before the symptoms of coronas become so severe.

Representatives of the royal palace said Prince Charles came out of Quarantina on the advice of doctors and did not have such severe symptoms of corona, but he would still be confined to the house.

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The royal spokesperson said Prince Charles would exercise caution even after leaving Quarantina, and experts would follow the health instructions.

Corona’s symptoms have not yet been discovered in Queen Britain and her husband Philip – File photo: AFP
It is to be noted that where Prince Charles left the royal palace in London with his wife and resided in Scotland in view of the precautionary measures, so did Britain, leaving the royal palace in view of the Corona virus, along with her husband Prince Philip. Went to the Windsor Palace in Yorkshire.

Queen Britain and Prince Charles left the royal palace when Corona was diagnosed with an employee of the royal palace.

At present, her husband, including Prince Charles, and his wife, Queen Britain, are in good health and have no signs of Corona.

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However, in the UK, the Magi had already begun that if the Queen and Britain had the Corona virus, Prince William would be temporarily in charge of the kingdom, third in terms of the monarchy.

But reports now appear that there will be no such situation in the royal family as Prince Charles has also left Quarantina, while the Queen has not yet been found in Britain.

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