Prime Minister Imran Khan announces formation of Tiger Force to fight Corona

Prime Minister Imran Khan announces the creation of a Tiger Force to further counter the Corona virus.

Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that together with this force they will meet the shortcomings which cannot be met due to lack of resources.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “Only resources cannot win this war, the nation can fight. In our neighbor India locked down and today, his prime minister apologized that we locked down without thinking.”

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He said that if the lockdown were removed, people would be on the roads for work and conditions would get worse.

“We have to fight this war with wisdom and look at the circumstances of our country,” he said.

“We have the power of youth and Pakistan has two powers to fight the corona virus,” he said.

The Prime Minister said, “I am announcing a Relief Tiger Force for Corona that will work with the agencies.”

He said, “The house is being monitored in the Prime Minister and in a week we will tell where it is going”.

Referring to the Tiger Force, he said, “This force will tell you what to do about the virus”.

“Today I am setting up a Relief Fund and an account will be opened in the National Bank where people from abroad can also collect donations,” the Prime Minister said.

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“The third thing is that the State Bank has declared that no company will be unemployed to the employees for which the State Bank will lend,” he said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “The fourth thing is that through the Emotion program, anyone wanting to do charity all over Pakistan will register them and tell them where to spend so that there is no one to spend so that relief efforts will be contacted for the first time in Pakistan.” Can walk away ‘.

At the end of his address, he said, “Storage causes chaos and commodity prices go up which hurts the poor. So I want to say to those who want to take advantage of the state at that time. Will take drastic action. ‘

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The Prime Minister said that to the nation I want to say that this war is to fight with wisdom and wherever we meet, keep distance from what others call social distance and not just taking precautions will endanger their lives and lives of others ”.

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