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Prepare paint that reflects even infrared rays and keeps the building cool

New York: American experts have developed a special type of paint that keeps buildings cool and even reflects infrared rays, which keeps buildings and homes cool despite the dark color.

This paint can be applied to everything from cars to buildings because it has two layers or layers, one of which forms the color of the paint or varnish and the other reflects the infrared rays that generate heat.

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It was shot by Columbia University’s Yuan Yang and his colleagues. Part of it is commercial paint, and below it is a polymer similar to Teflon that reflects light.

We know that sunlight has seven colors of light on one side and infrared (lower red) and ultraviolet (ultraviolet) rays on the other. Infrared causes heat in them. Although white can be used to cool buildings and cars, the new invention can be used in any color.

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Interestingly, if a completely black paint is applied to a place, it gets a little hotter, but thanks to this paint, the surface temperature can be reduced by about 16 degrees Celsius.

Best of all, this paint has been tested on many levels and yielded good results. On the other hand, it was kept in a wool at 60 degrees Celsius for a whole month, so its usefulness remained.

Other experts have expressed delight and surprise at the invention, as it can keep riders, buildings and homes cool in an environmentally friendly way.

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Thanks to this paint, the cost of air conditioning in a large building will be greatly reduced. This will also reduce electricity and other costs.

Now, in the next phase, an attempt will be made to generate electricity from the reflected infrared rays

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