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Plans to make a movie in space for the first time

Hollywood star Tom Cruise is a newcomer who is also known for doing his own dangerous stunts, but now he is about to receive an award that no other movie star has ever received, in a movie space. to create.

According to a report, Tom Cruise is currently in talks with Elon Musk’s company SpaceX to discuss the possibility of filming a feature film in space, which also includes the US space agency NASA.

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The plan has not yet been finalized and preliminary talks are under way, but reports claim that these are serious talks.

The project also coincides with Tom Cruise’s life-changing stunt, especially his stunts in the Mission Impossible series.

But this new film will not be a sequel to Mission Impossible, but there is no need to name a franchise to make any film in space.

It is not clear how the film will be shot in space, but SpaceX has received approval to send the first manned spacecraft, and the spacecraft will take NASA astronauts on May 27.

The spacecraft will then be used for other space operations.

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The company is also working on a spacecraft starship that will be a multi-use spacecraft with enough space to carry a film crew.

It will take many years to prepare, but NASA has made it part of its mission to the moon, which will begin in 2024

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